Discover Your Innate Mental Health

Are you feeling confused, stressed, unhappy, even hopeless? Have you tried everything from mindfulness to medication and nothing works? 

 Are you open to seeing yourself, your relationships and the world around you, in a whole new way? 

What changes are possible?

Hello and welcome. 

My name is Sandy Loyall, I'm a Transformational Counsellor, and I want you to know that there’s hope!  

What I've personally experienced and witnessed in my clients, is that when we change our relationship to our unhelpful, repetitive, personal thinking, a whole new way of being in the world opens up. 

Unlike traditional psychology which makes things complicated by trying to "fix" what's "wrong" with you, we'll start with what's been right with you since the moment you were born. (Don't forget, your body built itself from scratch!)

This cutting-edge, results-oriented approach will enable you to think and respond more intelligently and compassionately, making life simpler, more joyful and less worrisome in general.

You'll hang out in a safe, non-judgmental space where you'll increase your confidence, explore options for the future, and feel a greater sense of hope and possibility.

(You're hurting, not broken...)



Depression & Anxiety

Habits & Addiction

Life Direction

Greater sense of wellbeing
More resilience to life's challenges
Experience less stress
Tap into a bottomless well of creative potential

What is "Innate" Mental Health?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you cope, but other times you feel overwhelmed? Or why some people cope no matter what’s happening? 

Well, it turns out that all human beings are born with a guidance system that operates 24/7. It's just that most people are unaware that it exists.

As soon as we start to see that our feelings are coming from our own passing thoughts (not the world around us),  our wellbeing can automatically start shining through.

I can show you how to understand yourself in a different way that allows you to flourish. You, like all human beings, have the capacity to thrive, to experience inner peace and connect authentically with the important people in your life.

Sandy Loyall

BEd, GradDipCouns, Registered Three Principles Practitioner 

What's my passion? I love transforming  lives!

My own transformation began in 1996 when my world was turned upside down: over four arduous years, my then-husband and I were trying to have a baby (unsuccessfully) and our marriage fell apart. 

Our single counselling session together was disastrous. I felt like a failure, completely unlovable and experienced thoughts of suicide. 

Eventually, I remember thinking, "If I can save just one couple from going through this living hell, it will have all been worthwhile...!" 

“Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering. That is it's purpose.” Seth

So I decided to become a counsellor myself, went back to uni and added a Graduate Diploma in Counselling to my existing Bachelor of Education. After working for Lifeline in Lismore for three years, I opened my own practice here in Bangalow in 2015.

Bottom line? I feel privileged and truly love my work, witnessing the transformations in the lives of my clients!
"Your sessions were brilliant. So simple, yet so powerful and effective!"
"Meeting Sandy has been transformational from the inside out!"
"Sandy has been the guiding light in the darkest, longest night of my soul."

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Contact Sandy

Call me now for a chat to see if we're a good match, 
or complete the form below if you have any questions 
or would like to book a session...

Bangalow, NSW, Australia
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