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Discover your BUILT-IN CAPACITY to thrive in any situation

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It’s so easy to feel that your life will never be happy, hopeful or full of possibilities again. It's easy to feel that no-one is listening, that you aren’t being heard! 

The good news is that it's also quite a simple process to reclaim your happiness, hope and joy for life, no matter how impossible it might feel for you right now. 

I will deeply listen, you will be heard and together we'll recalibrate your “inner GPS”. You’ll learn how your feelings are always guiding you, and how the power is within you to bring balance, harmony and success into your life. 

People just like you come to see me about a whole range of challenges. In just a few sessions a complete change of direction can occur as you discover exactly how you are always (innocently!) shaping your own experience. It's because of this that you have the power and ability to shape it into a whole new place – into the experience you choose! 

It's completely normal for you to experience all of the emotions (or lack of them) that you're experiencing. To one degree or another, absolutely everyone visits grief, disconnection, deep sadness, disappointment, anger, frustration, numbness, hopelessness and despair. These emotions are part of the human condition. 

 But then, be sure that you understand this next sentence too. It's also completely normal to experience happiness, hope, joy, love, serenity, gratitude, inspiration and so much more. These emotions are also an integral part of the human condition! 

The key to which of these you experience, how you experience them and the time you spend on them is completely up to you! That’s right – completely up to you! 

Book your session now and together, we'll have a cuppa, and unlock and open the door to your personal power. You'll learn how to revitalise your hope, your excitement for life and your joy in the here and now.




Freedom from
Habits & Addiction


Greater sense of wellbeing
More resilience to life's challenges
Experience less stress
Tap into a bottomless well of creative potential

Change is Possible

Change is happening anyway! Why not change your life deliberately?

What does a successful life mean to you?

* Transitioning to living more simply?
* Experiencing more love?
* Living from a feeling of inner peace?
* Moving on from depression and/or anxiety?
* Being financially independent?
* Having a positive impact on the world?
* Resolving past trauma issues?
* Creating an interesting future?
* Solving a big sticky problem?
* Feeling happy, experiencing joy?
* Dropping ancient grudges, mindsets or beliefs?
* Dropping unhelpful habits?
* Creating something new in the world?

Why Choose Sandy Loyall?

BEd, GradDipCouns
Registered Three Principles Practitioner
Member ~ ACA 

With a Graduate Diploma in Counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology, a Bachelor of Education from Melbourne University, and sixteen years as a Volunteer Crisis Supporter on the phones at Lifeline Australia, Sandy brings a broadly-based yet simple and profound approach to mental wellbeing and living a successful life, on one's own terms.


Her background includes living in the USA as both a foreign exchange student (in Minnesota) and an expatriate (in Connecticut). When Sandy experienced the effects of chronic illness, infertility and divorce (long-term anxiety and depression, including thoughts of suicide), the quality of support she received was hit-or-miss.


“Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering. That is it's purpose.” Seth


As a result, Sandy learned the fundamentals of avoiding unnecessary suffering, created a simple yet impactful life for herself, and became determined to help others do the same. Utilising a unique, leading-edge approach to psychology called The Three Principles (or the Inside-Out Understanding), Sandy knows that there is always hope, that human beings are always capable of seeing and experiencing life differently.


Sandy loves working with individuals and couples to help them create the life they’ve imagined. She has an intuitive edge, utilising both love and wisdom, to achieve transformational results for her clients!




(Need some relationship tips? Click here to view Sandy’s summary of The Relationship Handbook by Dr. George Pransky.)

"Your sessions were brilliant. So simple, yet so powerful and effective!"
"Meeting Sandy has been transformational from the inside out."

"I feel like my old self!”
"I’m literally the happiest 
I’ve ever been thanks to Sandy!"

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Bangalow, NSW, Australia
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