My secret wish?
That this will be the last time youll ever need counselling...

Discover Your Innate Wellbeing

Have you ever considered the invisible gifts that you were born with? 
The “Force” that is growing you, beating your heart? 
Your ability to be aware, think and learn? 
Your imagination and the intuitive wisdom of your ancestors?

My name is Sandy Loyall. I’m a qualified Counsellor, and my passion and expertise is helping people feel better by pointing them towards their innate wellbeing. 

What’s possible for you? 
* relief from chronic stress, worry, anxiety and depression
* harmonious, peaceful relationships, based on respect, love and understanding 
* feeling naturally secure, resilient, and at peace
*connection to your common sense and wisdom within to handle life’s challenges.

During our sessions, you'll hang out in a safe, relaxed, non-judgmental space where you'll be heard and understood. I’ll be your co-pilot as we uncover how you want to feel and what you want to experience in your life. Ultimately, you'll feel more confident, have more clarity and a greater sense of hope and possibility.

 Your current and future desires will be our focus. You'll gain an improved understanding of how your feelings are always guiding you. 

Ultimately, you'll find yourself responding more intelligently and compassionately to the important people in your life. Your day-to-day experience has the potential to become simpler, more joyful and loving, and less worrisome in general.




Freedom from
Habits & Addiction


Greater sense of wellbeing
More resilience to life's challenges
Experience less stress
Tap into a bottomless well of creative potential

Change is Possible

Change is happening anyway! Why not create changes to your life deliberately?

Do you want to: 

* Resolve lingering mental health or past trauma issues?
* Create a different future for yourself? 
* Solve a sticky problem?
* Feel differently, happier, more joyful? 
* Drop ancient grudges, mindsets or beliefs?
* Improve your ability to relate?
* Drop a habit or two? 
* Create something new in your life? 
* Explore your True Self?

Why Choose Sandy Loyall?

BEd, GradDipCouns, Member ~ Australian Counselling Association, Registered Three Principles Practitioner 

With a Graduate Diploma in Counselling from the Australian College of Applied Psychology, a Bachelor of Education from Melbourne University, membership of the Australian Counselling Association and sixteen years as a volunteer Crisis Supporter on the phones at Lifeline Australia, Sandy brings a broadly-based yet simple approach to mental wellbeing.


Her background includes living in the USA as both a foreign exchange student (in Minnesota) and an expatriate (in Connecticut). After experiencing the effects of chronic illness, infertility, infidelity and divorce (long-term anxiety and depression, including thoughts of suicide), she has learnt that the quality of one’s life is determined by one’s understanding of how life really works...


“Suffering is not good for the soul, unless it teaches you how to stop suffering. That is it's purpose.” Seth


Utilising a unique mind-body-spirit approach based on the important role of Thought, Consciousness and Universal Mind (known as The Three Principles), Sandy also knows that there is always hope, that human beings can never be broken.


Sandy loves working collaboratively with both individuals and couples to help them create the life they’ve imagined. Her thirty years of training, education, work and life experience have given Sandy an intuitive edge, resulting in powerful results for her clients.

"Your sessions were brilliant. So simple, yet so powerful and effective!"
"Meeting Sandy has been transformational from the inside out!”
"Sandy has been the guiding light in the darkest, longest night of my soul."

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